Telephony standards supported

 SIP-based Voice over IP: RFC 3261

 Connectivity: IPv4, IPv6, SIP, SIP over TCP, SIP over TLS, RTP, SRTP

 DTMF support: RFC2833

 Audio codecs: G711 u-law and A-law


Events, Properties and Methods

eurovoice objects exposes a set of Methods, Properties and Events to the programmer.  Events are triggered for incoming calls and call termination, as well as various changes in line state.  The methods include Answer, AddFileToPlayList, Allocate, GetDigits, HangUp, MakeCall, PlayDateTime, PlayFile, PlayFileNonBlocking, PlayNumber, RecordFile, RTPStreamConnect, SendDTMF, SIPGetHeader, SIPRegister, Transfer and many more. The properties include CLI, DDI, DTMF, EndPosition, FileFormat, LineState, SIPResponseCode and more.


Configurations supported

Hardware: Microsoft Windows based PC or Server; physical, virtual or cloud-based.

Operating System: 64-bit Windows operating system:  Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Virtual machines are supported.  Sufficient resources must be allocated to allow the timesharing nature of machine virtualization to provide the eurovoice HMP technology with sufficient and regular processing opportunities.  Load testing has demonstrated successful operation with 150 concurrent channels of IVR running, for example in a virtual Windows 7, 64-bit machine using Citrix XenServer or an Amazon Cloud ‘M3.Medium’ instance size running Windows Server 2012R2.


Development environments

eurovoice objects 5.0 is optimised for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or later, using .NET Framework 4 or greater.

eurovoice objects 5.0 customers wishing to develop with previous versions of Visual Studio or VB6 may receive a free licence to use the eurovoice objects 3.0 COM interface with eurovoice objects 5.0.


Performance Recommendations

For 4 to 30 concurrent calls - 2.4GHz or greater, 2GByte RAM

For 30 to 120 concurrent calls – Dual Core Intel Xenon 3GHz or equivalent, 4Gbytes RAM

For 120+ concurrent calls – Quad Core Intel Xenon 3GHz or equivalent, 8Gbytes RAM