eurovoice HMP is licenced on a per channel basis, assigned to a specific PC/Server.  A eurovoice HMP channel licence is required for each concurrent RTP session created by the calling application.

Licence keys provide between 4 to 250 HMP channels or for SIP-only usage.  The licence key is then assigned to a specific server, using the HMP Licence Utility.

Multiple licence keys may be applied to the same PC / Server to increase the number of HMP channels supported.

Licences may be applied to physical or virtual PCs.  In the case of a deployment to a cloud-based Virtual Machine (VM), it is important that the physical network interface (MAC address) does not change between VM restarts.

Licences may be migrated from one server to another, with prior payment of a licence migration fee. Licences may then be revoked on the original server and a replacement licence will be issued for deployment on a new server.

For developing and deploying SIP-only applications, the SDK may be used in a SIP-only mode.  For this, a dedicated licence may be purchased, as detailed below:-



Price (pounds sterling)

eurovoice HMP Licence (SIP & RTP)

£25 per channel - minimum of 4 channels

eurovoice HMP Licence (SIP-only)

£100 per server

eurovoice HMP licence revocation

(required to migrate licences from

one server to another)

£50 per licence key




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