eurovoice HMP provides a high performance, low-level SDK for developing SIP-based VoIP applications.  Typical applications include inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response, Call Routing & Transcoding.  The SDK may also be used in a SIP-only mode for the development of SIP Application Servers.


eurovoice HMP 1.1 SDK provides the following functionality:-



·           Make / receive calls

·           Reject or redirect calls

·           Mid call transfer (SIP REFER)

·           Send / receive custom SIP Headers

·           Send / receive custom SDP data

·           SIP Registration, as a client or server

·           SIP WWW or Proxy authentication, as a client or server

·           SIP INFO, NOTIFY and OPTIONS messages

·           On / off hold support.

·           IPv4, IPv6, SIP, SIP over TLS.



·           RTP Session management

·           G711 u-law and A-law codecs

·           Support of u-law, A-law and 16-bit linear audio file formats

·           Play audio file

·           Record audio

·           Send / Receive DTMF over RFC2833

·           Timer start / stop

·           Active Speech Detection with 100ms resolution

·           RTP Stream switching for tromboning and audio broadcasting support

·           RTP or SRTP.



·           In excess of 250 simultaneous SIP / RTP sessions

·           For SIP-only mode, in excess of 1000 concurrent SIP sessions.


eurovoice HMP 1.1 is designed for Microsoft Windows 64-bit platforms including:-

·           Windows Server 2008R2

·           Windows Server 2012, 2012R2

·           Windows Server 2016

·           Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.